Name: Arch-Blood Champion

Type: Red Boss

Condition: If an opponent's life is exactly half of yours.

Ability: During your main phase, act: An opponent takes damage equal to half of their life rounded up.

Strength: 7

Artist: Daniel Alarcón (DOT)

How to use

In order to summon this, any opponent must have exactly half of your life. This means that if you have an odd amount of life, you will be unable to summon it.

When using this card's ability, it will deal damage to 1 opponent equal to half of their life, rounded up. For example, if they have 15 life left, they will take 8 damage.


Arch-Blood Champion is a figure of chaos for the aristocrats, and a beacon of hope for the oppressed. He is a blood mage, but his unique style of blood magic requires the use of ruler's blood. Once powerful dictators become nothing but a crystal in the face of The Champion. Originally, he wanted revenge for the death of his mother at the hands of a horrid king. Arming himself with an axe and his several years of training, he single-handedly fell a nation, taking a golden souvenir in the process. His true power only arose after he recognized that his nightly dreams of anguish were slowly piecing together a puzzle in his mind, and he became able to manipulate blood. He died of old age peacefully, surrounded by family.


Height: 6'8"

Weight: 272 lb

Age: 34

Current number of crystals owned: 3

Total number of crystals owned: 52