Name: Pyro-Maniac

Type: Red Boss

Condition: If you have declared attacks 10 or more times.

Ability: When this attacks: Remove all enchantments from the target, then defeat it.

Strength: 5

Artist: Ruthsic

How to use

In order to summon this, you must be keeping track of the number of times you have declared an attack. You may do this through a verbal counter or a physical one (such as with dice). If there is no counter made available, and no player is able to remember how many attacks have been declared, you cannot summon this and must start your counter over from the last number any player can remember.

The moment the attack target is declared, this ability occurs. This means that it occurs before any battle damage is dealt. (See step 2 of Battle Flow)

If this attacks a player, the player will be defeated through this ability.


Pyro-Maniac was born in a small forest village. Growing up, he was taught to worship the sun, and to hate fire. Other sources of light were seen as heretical. But his curiosity kept growing, and he secretly began researching fire with his wife, the Flame Enchantress. As his power grew, the village began to notice their strange patterns and got suspicious, eventually finding out about their secret. They attempted to drive the pair out of the village, but killed Flame Enchantress in the process. This caused Pyro-Maniac to get his namesake, and he burned the entire village down. He later died of heartbreak after coming to his senses.


Height: 5'8"

Weight: 152 lb

Age: 58

Fire Temperature: Unknowable