Blue Starter Deck

Be sure to cut along the cutting lines on the document for the best result. You can also print multiple copies of the starter deck to get a variety of cards to build your deck with. Enjoy!

BOS Blue Starter Deck.pdf

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Correct usage of Water Golem is critical to make this deck succeed. Playing them too early, or too late, can result in your defensive power being destroyed.

Try to keep your opponent's summons alive, but weak, so if they do hit you directly, they won't deal much damage. Doing this correctly sets up for Eon Slash, which lets you start a comeback.

Sometimes, it may be worth it to take a lot of damage from He Who Protects' ability to keep an important summon alive, like one in front of Mag Czasu.

Remember that this starter deck is all about precision, so you may find it incredibly difficult to win at first. You may need to forsake summoning Chronos in order to gain an advantage in another area of the battle.