Red Starter Deck

Be sure to cut along the cutting lines on the document for the best result. You can also print multiple copies of the starter deck to get a variety of cards to build your deck with. Enjoy!

BOS Red Starter Deck.pdf

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Collaia is the core of your deck. Attack with it as many times as possible, and use it in combination with Flame Ent and Fight On when possible to get massive strength boosts.

Make sure to clear away your opponent's summons before you play Pyro-Maniac so you can attack your opponent directly to win the game.

Bolt, Sparks, and Endurance can be used to create new opportunities for Collaia to attack multiple times, so keep an eye out for a tactic involving these cards.

Lava Giant is one of your better defensive cards, but if it is left on the battlefield with low strength, it can't do much. You may want to try unusual strategies going first.

Flame Enchantress works incredibly well with Sparks, use this combination if you can!