Yellow Starter Deck

Be sure to cut along the cutting lines on the document for the best result. You can also print multiple copies of the starter deck to get a variety of cards to build your deck with. Enjoy!

BOS Yellow Starter Deck.pdf

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Be sure to cast Germination as soon as possible to start the growth cycle for your boss. Each card used in the cycle can be paid for with ether to minimize losses, but you can speed up summoning your boss by spending your vim.

(Seedling, Vegetative, Budding, and Flowering are kept out of your spellbook at the beginning of the game, since your spellbook can only have 10 spells in it, but are added into it as soon as you cast Germination.)

Use your summons to gain advantages where you can, making sure to switch between offense against defensive decks and defense against aggressive decks.

Cuscuta can be used in combination with Fleur de Force's ability to gain massive strength later in the game, or with cards like Growth, Hedera, and Essence of Nature to get an earlier bonus.

Blesser can continuously bring back Bulk Up from your graveyard, so playing Bulk Up early can be a good idea.

Absorb, Moonlight Flower, and Angel of Grace can be used to give yourself a "buffer" to prevent you from taking as much damage. Remember that your life can go above 30, so use these cards when you can.