This page is where you can get started playing BOS, or increase your collection to unlock or improve strategies. Be sure to trade with other players or buy from trusted sources selling cards online to try to get the perfect version of the deck you like. If you would like more details on what cards you could get, check out the Card List.

Starter Decks

A starter deck is designed specifically for a beginning player! Use these to get used to the game, either by picking one blindly to start or a specific color you'd enjoy. You can also buy multiple copies of these to gather powerful cards quickly.

Pyro-Maniac Red Starter Deck

Fleur de Force Yellow Starter Deck

Chronos Blue Starter Deck

Card Packs

Select a color to purchase cards for and buy some packs! Each pack contains 7 cards of a specific color, with 1 boss/wizard, 3 summons, and 3 spells. (You can select the number of packs to purchase on the checkout page)

Red Pack

Yellow Pack

Blue Pack